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July 23, 2012
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ATB: No.... (part2) by MissThunderkin ATB: No.... (part2) by MissThunderkin
He hadn't known how he got to the ground, nor how long it had taken to get him there, when He had finally came to he found himself sprinting through the forest that led to her house. The rage that fueled him was fed by his fear and anxiety as he skid to a halt at the sight of the destroyed structure he once knew as his lover's home... good glob...Mae.... Then a tiny voice caught his attention "Help..." Oh glob was that her?! He rushed to the mangled house.. unable to get to the voice..and letting out a frustrated groan as he rushed to the side where he saw a viable point of entrance "Help..." came the voice again. "Mae?!" His head snapped to the sound and he quickly dug through the debris, unearthing a badly injured caterpillar..."H-Howard..." Carefully He scooped the pet up into his hands "Howard..where's Mae..." The caterpillar squeaked at being suddenly handled.. he was obviously in a lot of pain having been almost crushed by the beams Thunderbird had hauled off of the poor bug... "M-mamma.. Taken...Hurt...Help.." The words uttered by the pet caused the thunderking's stomach to clench up once more.. "Hurt...How hurt?! Howard... Howard please.. do you know where they went?!" But it was no use... either the caterpillar had just died in his hands, or had passed out from the pain... Glob...
Gently he set the insect down and stood up... shaking in in anger.. The rage had already started taking effect on his body.. claws had made an obvious appearance at the tips of his fingers.. and a black ooze was seeping from his eyes and already giving a foul taste in his mouth... He was loosing control again... but he didn't want it to stop... no... he wanted all of that strength... so he could show whoever took his precious lover away from him as much pain and suffering as he could possibly deal...

(( second part to this [link]
hnnng.... Second part... took alot longer than I wanted and put alot more work that I probably should have... but... it was worth it QuQ. So yeah.. the longer TB stays enraged.. the closer he comes to his primal self.. this is a big no no if he gets pushed over the edge~ ))
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AskCryptPrincess Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Student General Artist
((hurry up with part three and junk please!!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconlingdanceplz: it looks epic!!!!!))
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(( heart its.... crying QnQ so much fells of sad in me..can i have a hug ;n; *holds arms out* my fells theys be crying ))
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((noaaa save Howard save Howard!!!))
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