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November 30, 2013
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Prospect Mudd by MissThunderkin Prospect Mudd by MissThunderkin
"How about we not do anything today? Thats a plan~"


Ahhhhh, So, I totes mcgoats adopted this beauty of a boy from :iconmisspomp: and I had to draw him up because I adore slimy things and I adore his design and his tude * v * 

So onto a bio~

Name: Prospect "Pros" Mudd

Age: 23ish

Gender: male (or at least prefers the male form)

Race: Sludge Demon, Shapeshifter class

Height: 6'11'' (mostly legs lol 9 v 9 )

Sexuality: If it can give him pleasure without much work he's into it.

Personality: Lazy, lazy, lazy, very laid back, and in every sense of the word a glutton food, pleasure, sleep what have you. He's kind to a point, and has the potential to be friendly, but he's not reliable at all, plus the fact he's not trust worthy either, if you tell him a secret it'll be passed around within the hour. He has the memory of an elephant though, and can remember every little detail he takes in. He is very hard to anger, sure he does get a little miffed every now and then, but he usually shrugs it off with his lazy attitude, but...But.. If something gets extreme enough to actually Anger this demon...Game over. 

Fun facts~:
-He can shapeshift into practically anything, beasties, trees, puddles, anything convenient at the time, but they'll all be slimy and a little bit drippy. 
-he drips everywhere but it evaporates quickly without a stain despite what he is.
-He is non-toxic outside of his full demon form, but that doesn't mean he can't be. 
-when in full demon form he is very VERY poisonous, not to mention extremely venomous, the land around him dies when he is in that form, and it never recovers. 
-He enjoys junk food, especially ding-dongs, and cake, anything cake is his favorite. 
-he bleeds black sludge, and that is very poisonous to the touch. 
-sometimes he's too lazy to put clothes on.
-hates taking baths
-It takes a lot of convincing to make him do something quickly
-regardless of such, once he puts his mind to something, he'll finish it...eventually 9 v 9 

More when I think about it UuU

Ahhh I love him so ; u ; 
thank you for letting me have him bby thank you thank you thank you Q U Q 

I guess I'll open him up for rps e 3 e 

Also, to those of whom I owe rps to, I'm sorry, I've been so busy ; u ; and I'm still busy, I need to get a few more things sorted out, and I want you to know I feel really bad for not getting to you guys! sorry. 

Prospect Mudd (c) :iconmissthunderkin:
Adopt (c) :iconmisspomp:
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Ask-Snow-Prince Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
QwQ His feet scare me...))
MissThunderkin Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
good UuU
FrostedSouls Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013
MissThunderkin Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
FrostedSouls Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013
oh man this guy is just to cute cant handle it aah~!
MissThunderkin Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Neither can I >u<

DoctorTardisWho Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013
Maybe it's the drippiness of both of them, but something tells me that Prospect and Clifford would make an unlikely friendship.
MissThunderkin Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe if they'd ever encounter each other
MommaM1A Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Student General Artist
good golly oh molly
what a globbing hottie eve
his laziness speaks to me on a very deep level
i caaant
his feet is my fave part djjdkfhjk
just look at them gorgeous babies urrrgh!
MissThunderkin Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhh yessss I loved doing his feet too ; u ; 
He is my spirit animal
Thank you UuU 
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