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Submitted on
October 1, 2012


34 (who?)
(( Update: Alright.. you guys are all trying to pick minorities.. I will only be accepting a choice few more, possibly only two more, and I am going to be super picky about it!

Things that are not allowed in this contest anymore:
Tropical birds,
There are plenty of other types of birds that belong in these two families of bird, just take the time to look!

Also, This contest isn't just for birds! Lets see some variety people!

Ok, yeah, I know this one has been done and over with, but I was seriously waiting for the others to die down so you guys weren't going to be bogged down with so many other character contests out there, see I'm considerate too! But yes, I am Going to be holding a nice little contest right now in leu of everything.

The contest is for people in TB's kingdom, Thats right bird people, cloud people, raindrop persons, and yes, lighting guards eue

Bird people: fun fact, Most of the bird species in TB's kingdoms are Corvids (if you don't know what a corvid is you should look it up there are alot of different species and augh I love them so much ;u; ). The other types of birds are raptors, Eagles, hawks, and Owls (falcons are a rarity and are considered winey babies in the kingdom pft) Sometimes though, on rare occasions other species of birds are found in the kingdom, such as parrots and finches but they are considered a rare minority.

Bird people can range in heights and appearances from humanoid to well.. kinda looking like Favo with being more bird than human in appearance.

NOTE If you do make a bird person humanoid, their hair is not HAIR It must be feathers No exceptions.

Cloud people : Cloud people are rather small and fairly pudgy, I mean come on have you ever seen a non fluffy cloud? Exactly you haven't. Cloud people can vary from being just regular clouds to storm clouds, it just depends on the family they come from.

Cloud people Can be humanoid or well clouds with arms and legs basically UuU

Raindrop Persons : Well.. there are no humanoid forms for these little adorable cutie patooties but you know, people might just like to draw them ;u; even though the tallest one is like 4 feet tall. (they do freeze in the winter time and become snowflake people..eue )

Lightning Guards: And of course to complete our medley of storm kingdom patrons we have the guards (rarely is a lightning person not a royal guard) they are mostly humanoid but there are indeed non humanoid guards, they tend to guard the outskirts of the kingdom though. they are all mostly gold or some variation of the color yellow, never has there been a blue guard (so don't think you can get away with that because you cant >:T)

NOTE Most of the people in the kingdom dress in old style clothes, think vests boots over coats, (some people say piratey I say established pft, but don't fret not everyone dresses like that so be creative with it! Just don't dress them up like hookers ok? You'll get disqualified for that! if you aren't willing to go out in public waring what your character wears then don't dress your character like that! I can assure you they wouldn't want to go out into public dressed like that either!

Now onto entries!
What I'm looking for Is a nice colored picture of your character, it can't be just a sketch I want to see the colors m'kay?
Also, once that is done I need a quick bio you know Height, weight, species, gender the works.
They need to have an occupation they can't just sit there like a bump on a log ok? ((though if you make a lightning guard they by default already have one pft I let you off easy))
NOTE Do not just go an make a random assassin Let me tell you straight up that, doing that is a sure fire way for me not to even consider your character even if it is a wonderful masterpiece of a character, Assassins are a no go in this competition |C

Now for the writers in out community that say "Oh, but Laura, I can't draw my way out of a wet paper bag!" Not a problem! if you still want to create a character you can still do so! You just have to describe them in excruciating detail, while also keeping me and what ever poor soul I employ as my secondary judge, entertained at the same time! you'll even have to write a small story about them so we get the bit of personality in there eue.

The entries will be judged based upon verisimilitude, quality of the bio, and yes even the art (but not always) I'll basically be looking for just the character, not the art.



first place Will get a full colored commission with background, plus 60 points
second place Will get a drawing of your choice may be colored but no Background, and 30 points
third place Will get a sketch of their character and 10 points

Everyone else who enters will still have a place in the kingdom, so don't worry about not getting in! ;u; I'll still love you all!

Due date will be by Oct. 25 That should give you guys plenty of time to come up with something (though this might be subject to change)

If you have any questions leave it below.

Also submit your entries below as well! don't I repeat DON'T Flood my front page with entries! >8U


Only ((ONLY ONE MORE)) more minorities are going to be accepted and don't think its a first serve first come sort of thing.. I'm gonna be incredibly picky.

:thumb330435924: (gonna make an exception for this one because I've never heard of it before :T ))

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